Letters To Another: A Short Story Collection

LettersToAnotherCover-WebA rotten business scheme has its advantages. Traditional bails out modern. One last payday . . . one last humiliation. And a classic example of passive-aggressive parenting.


Seventeen oddball and heartfelt short stories from the muddled mind of TJ Bainz, including:


  • The Lunch Crowd
  • The Divisive Chorus
  • Why Pigs Don’t Fly
  • Gotta Have Clean Teeth
  • Nobody Thinks About Factories
  • Another Month, Another Death
  • Bleeding Hearts Club
  • Nothing Perpetual
  • Whereas
  • The Unlikely Bibles
  • Sports Agent
  • St Clerk’s
  • Wrecking Ball
  • The Hamfists
  • Death To Reductionist Cinema
  • Speaking Of Angels
  • Five Suits & A Coffee Cup


Ebook available now for $3.99 at: Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

And in paper for $16.99 at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble and other retailers.


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