Kindness And Happenstance: A Short Story Collection


KindnessAndHappenstanceCover-WebA brother-sister dilemma. Ill-thought-out male-bonding. Bizarre events at the football. And time well spent, alone.


Fifteen oddball and heartfelt short stories from the muddled mind of TJ Bainz, including:


  • The Sister, She Approaches
  • Heavy Hangs The Hammer
  • Return Unopened
  • Last Giant
  • You Are Not Gladiators
  • Nobody Likes A Quitter
  • When The Prime Minister Sneezes
  • Match Of The Season: His
  • Match Of The Season: Hers
  • Another Night, Another Occasion
  • Operation
  • Don’t Tell Me I’m Not Okay
  • Tiny Chow
  • All These Adoring Multitudes
  • Uncle Victor


Ebook available now for $3.99 at: Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

And in paper for $16.99 at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

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