Box Set

  • The Cloaked Figure Box Set



    Five Novels In One.


    Zak Steepleman discovers a world beyond.

    A world of fantasy, magic and virtual reality.

    A world hidden within his video-game console.


    Gamers Con.

    A virtual-reality paradise.

    Rainy days, grey skies . . . and evil intentions.

    Help from the forgotten.

    And a great villain tries one last time.


    Includes five novels in the Zak Steepleman series:


    Book #1 ~ Gamers Con

    Book #2 ~ Inside Kids

    Book #3 ~ Phantom Arcade

    Book #4 ~ Echoes of the Undone

    Book #5 ~ The Spread


    From Dave Bakers, author of young adult fantasy and science fiction.


    Ebook available now for $7.99 at: Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Apple and other e-retailers


  • The Mathewson Media Box Set


    MathewsonMediaBoxsetCover3dWebSnarky, ill-tempered and alone:

    Anna Harris kills for money.


    Weightier paycheques. Bigger risks. Longer bills.

    All in a day’s work for an assassin.


    The Mathewson Media Box Set features the first five novels of the Anna Harris series.


    • Good Press
    • Blood Sports
    • Kill Switch
    • Hell Bird
    • Death Log


    Politics. Murder. Mystery.


    A British assassin’s adventures in London . . . and beyond.

    Ebook available now for $7.99 at: Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Apple and other e-retailers.


  • The Webbing Trilogy


    In the Kingdom of Shellacnass, a generation-long curse plagues the land.


    And an evil wizard threatens all that is good.


    Meanwhile, a great secret lingers in the veins of Louson Dorf, a simple working hand. A secret that may hold the key to setting the people of Shellacnass free forever.


    Or spark total destruction.


    And—as Louson soon learns—to aim for the top means starting from the bottom  . . . and to do battle with fire and ice magic.


    An action-packed fantasy adventure.


    Ebook available now for $5.99 at: Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | iTunes and other e-retailers.