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Fantasy, science fiction and reality with a romantic twist!


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  • Celestial Phase (Lunar Lovescape #5) by Essie Powers


    CelestialPhase3-WebTIME FOR CHANGE

    Mackenzie Angliss never cared for companionship. She wanted a career first. Everything else came second. Even love.

    But now she has the career — one which has led her to the Moon, no less— is it time for her to follow her heart?

    Or forever remain alone.

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  • Lovers’ Crescent (Lunar Lovescape #1) by Essie Powers


    LoversCrescent-Web-FormatLOVE & LUCK

    Frustrated in love and luck, Louise Williams packs it all in and heads for the moon.

    However, like the majority of humankind, her only hope of travelling there rests in serving the exclusive clientele of the Celestial Stays Dome.

    And with a whole new world of demands opening out before her, the last thing on her mind is love . . . or, at least, it should be.

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  • Moon Struck (Lunar Lovescape #3) by Essie Powers



    A hardened member of the Celestial Stays Security Division, love has always been the last thing on Lan Niu’s mind. The gym is the primary outlet for her passion.

    But with her past mistakes catching up with her, Lan might just need all the help she can get. For the first time in her life, instead of pushing people away, perhaps she will need to draw them close.

    Or else suffer forever alone.

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  • Orbital Eclipse (Lunar Lovescape #2) by Essie Powers

    OrbitalEclipseWebWHIPPING UP A STORM

    Alicia Brennan runs the Orbital Café beneath the Celestial Stays Dome. Every day she tends to exclusive clientele.

    She loves her work. Her high standards are legendary. Customer satisfaction is off the charts. But something is missing.

    Her grandmother always said the path to love lies through the stomach, but does that old saying really hold true on the Moon?

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  • Stellar Tide (Lunar Lovescape #4) by Essie Powers


    StellarTide3-WebPLACE YOUR BETS

    As a journalist, Kyra Singh has a nose for a story. The desire for fame — if not fortune — brings her to the Moon.

    All her life, she has been an outcast. She goes it alone. Now, though, the opportunity of a lifetime awaits. But only if she can learn to play well with others.

    Because the greatest story of them all is just around the corner.

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